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Why Responsible Services for Pest Control?
Responsible Services came from a desire to offer the customer educated options for termite & pest control solutions. Those options will include environmentally friendly options featuring EcoSMART products and termite baiting solutions from Dow AgroSciences. We want our customers to be comfortable with us and assured that we will help them through the selection of a pest control company by providing a good honest service at a fair price every time. Our pest control services extend throughout the community and surrounding areas, including Pest Control in Cincinnati, Pest Control in Hamilton OH and other areas of Southern Ohio. We also help our neighbors in Kentucky by providing the most reliable pest control Northern KY has to offer. Our specialized team is licensed in Ohio and Kentucky for both termite inspection / termite control and pest management.

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What we do

Termite Service
We are a termite company that takes pride in our delivering a top-of-the-line termite inspection and comprehensive termite service. These nasty insects have a way of destroying one of our largest investments, our homes, and leaving a path of regret and disappointment for us in the process. Our licensed professionals are ready to offer the following services in these communities: Middletown termite control, termite control in Fairfield OH, termite control in Mason OH, termite control in Lebanon OH, termite control in Norwood OH, termite control in Blue Ash OH, and termite control in Northern KY. For termite services in any of these areas, contact Responsible Services today!

Rodent Control
Mice and rat infestations are the most common reason for needing commercial pest control or rodent pest control in Mason OH or Northern Kentucky. Mice and rats have a great sense of smell and can easily find food and crumps that have been left out or mistakenly dropped to the floor. These rodents chew electrical wires, bite holes in walls, make nests in attics and multiply rapidly. Worst of all, they are known for spreading diseases. Our seasoned technicians understand the correct principles to rodent proofing, trapping, and baiting. Pest service types and areas include Hamilton pest control for rodents, Middletown pest control for rats and mice, pest control in Fairfield OH and pest control in Norwood OH for Rodents, including other surrounding areas.

Pest Management
Our pest management services include cockroach control, ant control, rodent control and more. We will send a trained and licensed exterminator to your residence to provide a thorough pest inspection in order to diagnosis your specific problem. We know that different treatments are required for Ohio ants as opposed to pest control in Lebanon OH for waterbugs. Furthermore, termite control in Middletown OH will require a completely different treatment as well. No matter what the difficulty may be, and no matter the location, we will send the right team to get the job done.

Green Pest Control
If you have a need for organic pest control in Hamilton or green pest control in Middletown OH, then we are here to serve. We use only the top-of-the-line products in Green Pest Control. Products that are natural and derived from organic sources will both do an effective job at keeping insects at bay and protecting the environment. We care about our community and we understand that the environment we share needs to last for our children’s children. That is why when our customers require natural pest control in Blue Ash OH, organic pest control in Middletown OH, or eco-friendly Fairfield pest control, we will provide the best organic and green pest solutions possible.

Cities We Service

Hamilton County

  • Price Hill, Ohio
  • Indian Hill, Ohio
  • Kenwood, Ohio
  • Norwood, Ohio
  • Anderson, Ohio
  • Sharonville, Ohio
  • Blue Ash, Ohio
  • Symmes Township, Ohio
  • Loveland, Ohio

Kenton County

  • Ludlow, Kentucky
  • Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky
  • Ft. Wright, Kentucky
  • Villa Hills, Kentucky
  • Erlanger, Kentucky
  • Crestview Hills, Kentucky
  • Taylor Mill, Kentucky
  • Independence, Kentucky
  • Covington, Kentucky

Butler County

  • Fairfield Township, Ohio
  • Hamilton, Ohio
  • West Chester, Ohio
  • Fairfield, Ohio

Clermont County

  • Mt. Carmel, Ohio
  • Milford, Ohio
  • Batavia, Ohio

Campbell County

  • Newport, Kentucky
  • Bellevue, Kentucky
  • Ft. Thoma, Kentucky
  • Alexandria, Kentucky
  • Highland Heights, Kentucky

Warren County

  • Mason, Ohio

Boone County

  • Hebron, Kentucky
  • Burlington, Kentucky
  • Florence, Kentucky
  • Union, Kentucky
  • Walton, Kentucky

Grant County

  • Dry Ridge, Kentucky
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