Beware of Pests In Your Backyard Garden | Kentucky Pest Control

For many homeowner alike landscaping and gardening has always been a favorite past time or shared hobby. However along with the beauty and serenity that comes with gardening also comes with the headache of combating nuisance pests. Some insects will actually be beneficial to your outdoor garden but homeowners must be cautious to not allow pests to gain access to the inside of their homes.

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Some of the most rewarding this to grow in your home garden are berries as they look nice and are also able to be eaten; quite the sweet treat for all of man, correct? Unfortunately flies are also attracted to the sweetness of the berries and therefore might see an increase in fly activity if you happen to grow berries in your garden. Some species of flies will even lay eggs on fruit for their larvae to feed on so the cautious gardener must also be aware of fly breeding that they must combat.

Another common garden pest is the mosquito that breeds in standing pools of water. Often times empty flowering pots and birdbaths will become filled with water after a storm or heavy watering therefore becoming the ideal place for the mosquitoes to breed. For gardeners to combat mosquitoes one must be cautious of their watering routines as well as the stormy weather.

A garden should be an enjoyable thing and if you are having trouble combating a pest at your home or garden make sure to contact a local pest control expert to help eradicate the issue!

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