Are Dow AgroSciences Hexpro Termite Baiting System and Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System the same?


There are differences in termite baiting systems and my experience has been over the last 15 years with the Sentricon Termite Colony Elimination System. It changed a few years ago from Hexaflumuron to Novaflumuron as the active ingredient as it came off of patent in the US markets. The components are basically identical other than the active ingredient. Novaflumuron’s benefits were meant to address pest control companies concerns over number of nspections and amount of bait consumed. Hexaflumuron (Hexpro) will typically be consumed more than the Novaflumuron product in Sentricon. The bottom line is they both work as far as products being proven to eliminate termite colonies. A baiting program is only as good as the technician providing the service. The better the technician and company the better service you will receive.

Give us a call and we are sure that after we meet with you and explain our process you will choose Responsible Services Cincinnati, Ohio as your termite specialist.

Hexpro Termite Baitng System-Cincinnati, Ohio Area


Step 1 – Consultation
We will meet with you and discuss your situation and evaluate your concerns about termite treatments. With that information we will taylor a program to meet your needs and concerns.

Step 2 – Introduce the Hexpro System
The Hexpro system contains the Termite Station which is placed in the ground approximately every 10 feet around the perimiter of the structure.Inside the Termite Station is the Wood Monitor this is used to recruit termite activity as they randomly forage and naturally feed on wood.
Upon inspecting the station and discovering activity termites are moved from the Wood Monitor to the Shatter Termite Bait Cartridge Containing Hexaflumuron.
Step 3 – Map out the installation and elimination process. During this time we will explain the system and what you can expect from Hexpro and how we will accomplish your termite elimination goal.
Step 4 – Installation of Hexpro System. We will then install the system around the perimiter of your home according to the goals and standards from your cosultation.
Step 5 – Monitor-Bait-Eliminate
A. Monitor for temite activity
B. Bait Active stations and add auxilary stations
C. Eliminate the ColonyHexpro bait is always fresh because it can be placed each time termites are found. Chemical Barriers will degrade from the time it is installed but Hexpro will be as fresh as the last station baited.