Seasonal Pest Management Program

(March – November monthly)


What to expect from a typical service:

Initial Visit: Inspect structure

  1. Customer is made aware of any repairs that might help prevent pest infestation and damage.
  2. Pest activity found during inspection is noted for treatment.
  3. Focused localized interior treatment of pest activity.
  4. Spider webs removed with webster pole.
  5. Exterior activity found during inspection treated.
  6. Preventative treated zone established with residual liquid application and a granular application to extent the residual life


Regularly Scheduled Visit:

  1. Inspect exterior of structure and note activity
  2. Remove webs with webster pole
  3. Apply residual liquid application to perimeter and granular when needed to extend life.
  4. Spot treat any additional activity


Frequently Asked Questions:

Why monthly March-November and not quarterly like most companies?

The monthly format allows us to use less pesticide on a regular service targeting insects, preventing and removing activity as it occurs. So better service less spider webs and more prevention because we are there when things stat to happen. Most insecticides will not last beyond 45 days exposed to the environment, UV light wind and rain will degrade the product.


Do you provide any other pest control programs for the home?

Yes we have a wide variety of services just click above to schedule an appointment or give us a call at (513)779-7378 (PEST)