It is spring or early summer in Cincinnati and I have a bunch of flying ants or termites. How can I figure out which one it is?

    Termites and Ants both produce reproductives that have wings during the spring and early summer. Typically in the Cincinnati area Termites swarm in March-April-Early May timeframe and it seems to be entirely depend on the weather. It will usually follow a period of wet weather with a warm-up and then a swarm will happen. They will head toward well lit areas and sometimes end up by windows and doors. That does not mean that the necessarily came from that area. (It doesn’t meant that they didn’t either) See picture to the right for the differences between a termite swarmer and a ant swarmer.

Ants are typically later in the season more like late June-July timeframe to swarm. To learn more about pest control vistit our pest control page.

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Termite Treatments fit into two common categories:

1. Chemical Barrier Treatment

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2. Termite Baiting – Colony Elimination

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